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Walt Disney’s Holiday Celebration With Mickey And Pals


I chose this one in honor of my friend who is terrified of mice, and because I didn’t feel like watching a full length movie tonight. You are NEVER too old to enjoy cartoons. I had an adventure last evening. I stopped at a craft store to buy some glue, was walking across the parking lot when I heard/felt a pop and my knee buckled. I felt excruciating pain and wasn’t sure I could make it to my car. The thought of laying in the parking lot and not being able to get up motivated me to limp to my car. I got home where my room mate put me to bed with an ice pack and ibuprofen. The pain wasn’t bad, as long as I didn’t move my leg.

This morning I called around to find a pair of crutches so I could get to a Dr. appointment. My friend…I’ll call her Cam, said she’d drive me but first she had to find someone to remove the dead mouse we had poisoned and had died right in front of her fridge. She was paralyzed with fear and felt nauseous. After hanging up I realized I would much rather go to her house and dispose of little mickey than limp to the pharmacy to get crutches. I called her back and offered her a deal and she jumped on it. My room mate had lent me a cane that I gingerly used to climb Cam’s front porch. I started laughing as I got out of my car (it was my left leg) and she started laughing as I got to her door. I looked pathetic and worse for wear and I was there to save her! We doubled over in laughter, that kind that makes you feel energized. The blind leading the blind.

We had both agonized how to kill little mickey in the hardware store over the weekend. I couldn’t face a bloodied carcass in a trap nor did she want to lay awake at night and listen for that creepy “snap”. On some level I knew I would be discarding it if it died on my watch, or hers, for that matter. I have always been creeped out by rodents in the house but by some strange reason I felt less afraid because Cam was terrified. I became the fearless expert giving her all my worldly advice and experience (from “watching” my former husband deal with them) and felt protective of her, besides we had a whole box of disposable gloves, so we went with poison.

I put on said gloves, grabbed paper towels and then the mouse and sealed it in a plastic tomb and put it on the front porch for transport to the garbage can. I felt very proud of myself. I thought it only fitting that I watch vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons in honor of our bravery. These are in technicolor so it wasn’t the dark ages. 1931-1949?

The first of seven cartoons is called “Mickey’s Good Deed“.  Mickey wants to help a destitute family (of cats) for Christmas by selling Pluto to a wealthy family because their bratty baby (pig) wanted a dog.  Unfortunately this (pig) liked to torture Pluto and he soon escaped back to his mousey owner, with a turkey tied to his tail none the less. The next selection is a Silly Symphony about penguins followed by a Donald Duck farce called “The Clock Watcher” followed by Pluto in “Rescue Dog”  and then Donald and Chip and Dale, the ultimate torture. Donald’s anger problems with these more respected rodents makes this a classic in “Corn Chips”.  My favorite is “Toy Tinker’s” with Chip and Dale again bringing Donald to his knees, but all ends well. Just like in cartoon life.

It appears I pulled (or popped?) a ligament and will have to stay off of it for a few days but nothing serious thankfully. More time to watch cartoons. Tomorrow… a couple book reviews thrown in.