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Gratitude Attitude


Honestly. What more can happen? Dare I say that?! I have NOT had a good attitude this week, and it’s only Monday! I discovered $400 worth of debits in my checking account that weren’t mine. I don’t even have $400!  Someone set up a PayPal account under my name and then a little creep bought video games with it. I spent the day on the phone with the bank and PayPal and I gotta tell you, I’m a tad cranky. I was impressed how professional PayPal was. I THINK they’ve dealt with this a time or two. What I can’t figure out is how some pimply faced kid (creative license) is smart enough to hack my account but my bank can’t secure it?

I was told by a friend (who was tired of my complaining) to do a gratitude list. There is nothing that can bring about a reality check faster. I had a list of 35 good things in no time. The thing is; we all have our limits, no matter how we choose to look at life. Sometimes you need a good rant and rave ( it was required in my Italian family) before one can let in the good stuff. I’m on a spiritual path, but I have a way to go till Nirvana. That’s o.k., what else would I write about?

My week started looking up (and it’s only Monday) when a friend gave me a brand new sewing machine (still in the box), and I got accepted in a retraining program for working in the bio medical field. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry many moons ago, but things have changed a bit in QA since then. I’m excited to have something to look forward to, other than retail or call centers (ooooh I can add that to the list).  PLEASE don’t make me go back there! I’ve done my time, more than paid my dues, and it’s time to move forward. Maybe I’ll be pro-active and add it to my list.

I set up the sewing  machine and only broke two needles figuring it out. Impressive. I have some ideas for Christmas gifts so this baby came to me just in time. Hmmm, maybe I’d better add that to the list too? Times are economically stressful for many people in America right now, and if they aren’t for you, put it on the top of your gratitude list!  We have to look for the good or the despair can swallow you whole. A simple thing, like a gratitude list, can change how we see the world and reminds me that I have a lot more than any thief can steal from me. Now if I can just get through my mammogram. See? I can think grateful thoughts like “at least it is paid for”, while my boobs are being smashed, but don’t ask me to smile.

I’m excited to be able to sew things with my machine and I love to hand make gifts for the holidays. Nothing fancy, just simple and from the heart. Having a creative outlet is essential for me and very rewarding. My list is getting longer.

As for reading… I’m glad you asked me about that.  J. K. Rowling’s new book is slow reading and it’s a tad boring so far. Hard to believe but haven’t read very much. Mayhew’s Village  Mystery called “Dry Bones” had some cute moments but was pretty predictable. The Colonel would have been better off staying home for this one. I’d like to read the first one and see if it can redeem itself. Time to make a trip to the library, running low on reading materials, and yes, libraries are at the top of my gratitude list.