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Fun Stuff On The Way For Adults


[Originally posted November 11, 2011]

Boy is my face red. I requested the wrong version of  Ms. Baart’s co-written book “Snow Angel”Also if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Facebook has just now removed the discussion tab from the library Facebook page so it’s back to clicking on the note tab (or click on the topic title) and it will take you to my adult book blog. Well, I never said I was perfect. In fact I’ve had lots of practice being embarrassed iin my life time and it’s true if you can laugh at yourself you can survive anything.

Lots of fun on the horizon. Starting December first adults can check out Christmas “surprise’s”. We have wrapped assorted books with a Christmas theme. You grab one from the basket and bring it to the circ desk to unwrap and check out. This was a big hit with Adult Book Club last year so we thought we could expand it this year to include all our patrons. If you don’t like the one you choose, just pick another. All of these books are short in duration and just fun or inspiring reads for a very busy time of year. It’s nice to have a fun surprise now and then and be reminded it’s not always about us. Be sure and look for the face of Becky Bilby, our soon to be new director. Say hi and welcome her and wish Dave a great retirement.

In January Adult Book Club will host the first book and movie night of the year. These have been a great hit. We gather after hours and eat popcorn, watch the movie and then discuss the book. January’s selction will be a Jane Austen book that will be chosen at November’s meeting on the 19th.

I am currently reading “A Lesson Before Dying”. This book went missing out of our collection and I discovered a patron had put it on hold over a year ago. Usually books that disappear are often amazing ones that people can’t bear to part with. So after passing this on to our oh-so-patient person I took it when it was returned. It is a delightful perk of working in a library. I LOVE this book and plan to feature it on our Black History Month display in February. Laurey and I have some really cool Gee Bend quilting- history books and plan to attempt a replica of some of their work. I have found some fascinating information about black dolls that are extemely rare that we will display as well as some great new books. Black History Month is not just for kids!

March we will host James Schaap for a book discussion of his short stories. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much fun so I’ll stop here. Send me any questions or suggestions. November’s club meets Sat. @ 10am on the 19th and we will discuss “I Am the Messenger”. It was a great young adult book and will make for a lively discussion. Be there or be square!  Marsella