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Ahhhhh Books!


The cure for what ails you! I have a back ache today. Caring for the elderly can be bad for your back. They think because you are so much younger than they are, your back is made of granite. Walkers are heavy to drag in and out of a car! I came home from work early and decided it was the perfect excuse for spending the evening in bed with a heating pad and books. I’ve been reading “Life Below Stairs, True Lives of Edwardian Servants” by Alison Maloney. Alright, I admit it! Downton Abbey spurned this curiosity with the life of English servants. Were they really that mean to each other some times? Yep. They definitely had their own class system, come to think of it, I’m beginning to feel like a servant myself. World War I changed Britain’s working class world forever, kind of like the electronic age is changing ours now. Interesting read, but it can’t compete with the arrival of the newest Flavia de Luce mystery by Alan Bradley.

I’ve gone barmy over this 11 year old amateur sleuth with a macabre passion for chemicals, some of the poisonous variety. She even has a creepy laboratory in her odd families Gothic estate in a rural English hamlet… of course. I was half finished with The Elegance of Hedgehogs, when I received an email that Bradley’s fifth  book, Speaking From Among the Bones, was in. Bradley’s superb characterizations made this decision a no-brainer, and it bumped everything else off the list. I’m starting it soon, so I can see what hilarious torture Flavia has planned for her two older sisters.

I also just received Miss Dreamsville And The Collier County Women’s Literary Society by Amy Hill Hearth so Hedgehogs will get bumped again I’m afraid. No renewals for books with a waiting list, but that is what makes it so much fun. The anticipation of waiting.  I do wish they didn’t all come at the same time, although I think I can live with this problem. The alternative is much too horrible to contemplate.

Jon Stewart hosts author Ellen Schultz

I finished Retirement Heist but found it very upsetting. It makes you damn mad, but helpless as well, at the knowledge of so much greed and irresponsibility by employers, with very little solutions. Schulz’s book blows the whistle loud and clear though, and maybe Americans will wake up to what is happening in this country with our retirements and benefits.

Well, my book is calling…what back pain?