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The Bishop’s Wife


I love this movie simply because it stars Cary Grant. I had the biggest crush on him when I was younger. I thought he got better looking the older he got. I have quite a collection of his films, To Catch a Thief, Arsenic and Old Lace, Father Goose, That Touch of Mink, and the Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer, another favorite. In this romantic comedy he plays Dudley, the angel sent by heaven to help the Bishop (David Niven) in his quest for a dramatic monument (church) to be built, while his long, suffering wife Julia (Young) longs for the simpler times when her husband wasn’t a Bishop. Personally I thought the angel was a stretch for Cary.

I remember thinking who wouldn’t want Cary Grant instead of cranky ole David Niven?  In this 1947 film Loretta Young has the face of an angel…it’s hard for one to believe she had an affair with Clark Gable while filming The Call of the Wild, got pregnant and had a daughter, put her in an orphanage and then adopted her because she had to hide the scandal. Mr. Gable was married at the time and Ms. Young was a devout Catholic. Clark never acknowledged the girl as his, even though he knew about her. How screwed up is that? The power and illusions of old Hollywood.

Dudley charms everyone in this movie but the Bishop. There is a hilarious scene with Mr. Niven stuck in a chair, that Dudley sets up to have more time with a neglected Julia, a divine no-no! Of course there is a little church choir in this one too that also sounds like the Vienna Boys Choir.  The scenes where Julia, Dudley and the taxi driver go skating look fake but this is still a holiday classic and has it’s charms.

I’ve been thinking that someone should do a “Retail Survivor” reality show. We’ve been bitching about this at the department store where I was working. We would personally like to order numerous customers out of the store and off the island. Or better yet, they could be punished by working retail for the holidays!  Why is it acceptable to heap anger and rudeness on anyone? Unless you have Tourette’s. And seriously…why would you think it would be o.k. to interrupt me when I am waiting on someone else who has patiently waited their turn because you are in a hurry?! No immunity HERE pal!

I gave my notice because they have totally misrepresented everything from the amount of hours I would get, to what hours I would be  ordered, to work. Overnight’s? I don’t THINK so! I’ve gotten another job lined up that is better suited to my needs AND attitude. When you want to tell them things like “Get your own damn bag, better yet, put it over your head”, or “Hang this up yourself… I’m not your frickin mother”, and my personal favorite…”Sure I would LOVE to delay my lunch hour so I can call forty stores to find something you could find yourself on-line, and people waiting get even more steamed, WHILE making minimum wage…then it’s time for you to quit.

I went through a line at Wal-Mart this week and gave the cashier a candy bar I had bought in thanks for working retail. I said, you matter. Yes there can be rude sales people, but that is because they have been doing it for too long, or they are a teen.

But isn’t it nice to know that there is a nice hokey holiday movie someone will blog about to keep you in that holiday mood? Viva-la-denial! It’s better than booze…but not chocolate!