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Gettin Off At The Next Exit


I am completely, head over heels in love. From the moment I backed between the orange cones in an abandoned parking lot, the beeping of reverse serenading me, as the seductive smell of diesel fuel wafts through my open window, I am completely smitten with driving the bookmobile. I never dreamed it would be this fun!

I practiced for about an hour and then took to the open road and I’ll never be the same again. Because the BoMo has a short wheel base and an automatic transmission it is surprisingly easy to drive. Kids wave as you drive by, you feel like a rock star. The biggest challenge can be turns. Bumps in the road cause a delayed response, much like an antebellum hoop skirt rippling past it’s wire cage. You learn to brake often and make wide turns to avoid the curb. My only real fear was the reality of parking it in a garage that was designed for a much smaller vehicle. There are literally just inches of clearance on either side of the garage door that houses BoMo. There are scrape marks down the side of the bus (and the garage) to prove it. It takes three of us to park it. Yikes!

I had, up to this point, heard every horror story of parking it in said garage, before I had even taken my maiden voyage. Two brave library souls position themselves in the back of the garage and hand motion you in. Not only is the garage too narrow, but the floor slopes, so the bus tilts to one side and you have to make allowances for that as you pull in. Hey no problem!

I was so busy watching the hand movements of my brave navigators that I didn’t have time to be nervous. I magically pulled it in and regretfully shut off the engine. I could hardly wait to drive again! I am actually going to get paid for this. Yes, it is very cold and drafty in the winter, and very hot in the summer, but the joy that fills the spaces between these four fat tires is worth it. Every day is a different adventure. Just this week a four year old stepped up to me and asked (with complete innocence) if I was old. I said without hesitation, yep, much older than you. He then asked me if I was going to die soon. I pondered a moment and then said to him “I think I have a few good years left in me” and he shrugged and scampered off the bus. His teacher assured me that he has been asking every adult he sees this question. Whew. I was worried that I needed to touch up my roots sooner than later.

I have taken over numerous story times and am feeling more comfortable with singing songs with body movements and have been having a blast with a fun array of hand puppets (my inner ham is thrilled) that appear very real to my wee ones. Ahhh magical thinking. This job couldn’t be more perfect for me if I had designed it myself.

And on that note…I have decided to retire from writing this blog. My energies are needed in other areas and I really don’t have the drive to endure in the blogging world. I am not a serious writer but I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed my time here. It has been a cathartic and healing experience. I look forward to keeping up with all my favorite blog writers and humbly thank all those who encouraged, and supported my amateur efforts in sharing my thoughts. My best and fond wishes to all of you.