“The Wheels On The Bus”


Remember bookmobiles? They aren’t as common now, but they still exist. I got a close up of one recently.

I applied for a job at a small library and actually got an interview! I made the decision to seek out library jobs, even though they are dwindling. It’s in my blood, and I feel too passionate about reading to do otherwise. I know there’s a library job out there for me. I  might have to get creative and work more than one job but it will be worth it. Heck, I am doing that now.

This turned out to be a job driving and working out of a bookmobile most of the time. I first thought it was a combination library/bookmobile support gig, but found out that I would be part of the outreach team, travelling to different locations to deliver story times and books. I won’t always be in the library. The one on a concrete foundation anyway.

I also was asked to audition. They let me choose a book from a pile on the table, and I picked “The Seals On The Bus”.  I’m an idiot! I picked it because of the cute cover (with seals) before I realized (with horror) that it was actually another version of “The Wheels On The Bus”.  Not only did I have to sing it, I had to make animals sounds! Geese and seals to name a few. I was really getting into the voices, when they interrupted me, to tell me I had to hold the book up so they could see it too. I felt like such a dork. We all laughed. You need a sense of humor for this job, hopefully I passed?

They were a four person team, of very nice people, and the interview went well, but you never know what they really want. This could be an adventure of epic proportions. Learning to drive (and back up) a bus full of books? Jumping, skipping and singing with little kids? Working in temperature extremes and doing bus maintenance? I found myself holding back a giggle when they asked me that. Not what I thought I would be doing, but I am game. If it’s books, or reading, count me in. I can always get one of those scarves with the sponge on the neck you can freeze. for the heat? I’m more worried about the heat than the cold.

During the interview they asked me if I liked talking about books. They found out when they asked me about the last two books I’d read. I had a hard time shutting up. One of them asked me to repeat the title of a book so they could write it down. I had to have passed that test. I’ve been learning a lot about myself, what is really important to me. It is easy to settle when you are fearful about the future. I don’t want to make decisions based on fear or desperation any more. It’s like sawing off the limb you are perched on.

This library named the bus “BoMo”. I love it. Whether I get offered the job or not, it was a wonderful experience. I had fun and it was a  reminder that I have a lot to offer. I feel ideas bubbling up as we speak. I wonder if they would be willing to back the bus up for me?

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  1. Marsella! What a kick! I love it, love it, love it!
    I can just see you getting all the kids fired up about reading! You would be PERFECT for this job!!
    Let’s just hope those librarians know a good thing when they see/hear it!! 😉

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