The Apartment


This has been my date every New Years for at least ten years. Jack Lemmon is perfect as C.C. Baxter, the ambitious office cog who lends his apartment to upper management for extramarital hanky-panky, in order to score points for a promotion. He gets more than he bargained for when his generosity gets him a black eye in more ways than one when he falls for Fran (Shirley MacLaine).

This movie was an Academy Award winner for Best Picture and Best Director in 1960. Billy Wilder directed this on the heels of Some Like It Hot and it has become another classic.

The opening scene of the insurance company where Baxter works, gives you a visual of how employment has changed in the past fifty years, not to mention the sexual mores of that era. This film was criticized for it’s raucous infidelity and Fred McMurray caught some flack, for his role as the married cad who seduces office girls and then discards them. McMurray is one of the few actors that can pull off playing a boy scout or a  creepy heel and be convincing.

C. C. and Fran, despite serious complications, fall in love while playing gin rummy and the scene where Baxter makes spaghetti is classic. Lemmon and MacLaine have great chemistry and the supporting cast is excellent. This one of the best dates I’ve ever had on New Years Eve and I continue to indulge myself every year. Have a most happy and generous New Year!!


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    • I was surprised to discover that a musical, Promises, Promises by Neil Simon was based on this movie. You are right though Mark, things have changed too much for a remake. Thank goodness, remakes are never that good.

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