Charlie Chan


I have always been fascinated by Charlie Chan movies, and liked them even as a kid when they would come on at midnight. Over four dozen films were made, starting in 1926. The movies were first made with  Asian actors playing  Mr. Chan, but met with little success. They switched to Swedish actor Warner Oland in 1931 and it was a hit.  Olan went on to star in 15 more films about the famous Hawaiian sleuth, which was based on real Honolulu detective Chang Apana.

Chan is an Asian Sherlock Holmes and his movies frequently showcased family members, particularly Number One Son, Lee Chan played by Keye Luke. I loved the gentle humor and gentleness of Charlie but he could be hard on his Number One Son. Mr. Chan was very popular in China and a very well respected character. It was one of the few positive role models for the Asian community that didn’t pander to “evil” stereotypes of that time. I like Charlie Chan movies because of the more exotic locales.  I received a gift set of this series and have my pick of Charlie Chans.

Tomorrow I will finish up with “The Apartment”, my New Year’s Eve favorite. Blogging every day is a challenge that I don’t want to do all the time. It’s a big commitment that I can’t easily fit into my professional life. This way I stay more fresh and hopefully interesting. Until tomorrow…


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  1. I have never watched a Charlie Chan film. My husband said that he has one that I can watch. It is the one with number one son. He loved the movies…thanks for your daily posts. I really enjoyed the discussion!!!

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