Harry Met Sally


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this 1989 film,and it gets better every time. The acting and dialogue is superb (Nora Ephron knows comedy) and what’s not to love about the story? Director Rob Reiner based Harry and Jesse (Bruno Kirby) on his and Billy Crystal’s friendship and Crystal made Harry funnier in the final script. So many personal favorite scenes, from Harry (Billy Crystal) spitting grape seeds at Sally uptight’s (Meg Ryan) car windows, stuffing her mail all at once into the box, and telling Sally she is the worst kind of date, a woman who is high maintenance but thinks she is low maintenance. Harry morphs from the most obnoxious acquaintance on the planet into a great guy, once she hits him over the head a few times.

Meg has great chemistry with Carrie Fisher (Marie)and the supporting cast in this movie is fabulous.The orgasm scene is classic, not so much because Sally is awesome at faking it, but because she nails his big fat ego to the restaurant wall.  Friendship makes for great relationships between the sexes, me thinks. Too bad we suck at it, in this country.

I am tired, but happy tonight to be enjoying the evening off. Zippy ate a tiny bit of my salt dough (salt, flour and water) and threw up on the carpet soon after. That’ll teach him. NOT! He would have eaten the whole bowl if I hadn’t stopped him in time. This dog will eat anything, and I mean anything!  He tore one of my ornament boxes to shreds as if it was a juicy piece of meat. His mommy supplements his food with canned pumpkin and he snarfs it down but it must not be satisfying enough if cardboard is so alluring. He has the most innocent face you’ve ever seen. He has perfected “Who me?” That wasn’t me… as a piece of cardboard quivers from his canines. I love this dog, I just hope the pumpkin stain comes out of the carpet.



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