Muppet Christmas Carol


I sit here with my grown children watching this yearly tradition, while waiting for a white Christmas. This has been a favorite of our whole family since it’s debut in 1992. We know most of the dialogue and songs by heart. This has so many  great one liners and has the added bonus of being narrated by Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat. Who could resist this after throwing in Kermit and Miss Piggy?!

This is a perfect vehicle for introducing kids to the wonder of Charles Dickens and this most wondrous tale. Sadly, Brian Henson (the creator of the Muppets) died two years before this movie was made by Walt Disney Pictures. His son Brian directed this comedic version which follows the original story closely.

Michael Caine is wonderful in the role because he plays it straight to the puppets, I mean muppets. There are so many great lines in this film. Some favorites of mine are Beaker getting all huffy when Ebeneezer refuses to give a donation. O.K. he doesn’t really talk, but he does huffy well. Then the rats egging on Bob Cratchitt, Christmas eve. Miss Piggy is priceless, she can’t remember which daughter is who, and when she accuses Mr. Scrooge of being badly dressed, the whole family gasps in horror.

My son and daughter loved the narration by Gonzo and Rizzo. Their back and forth humor keeps the dark subjects, lighthearted for kids. They love the line where Rizzo says to Gonzo “Hoity-toity Mr. God like smarty pants. The songs are sweet and short and hold the attention of young and old alike. This has stood the test of time for twenty years. Not bad for a Muppet movie.

I’ll be finishing up my holiday movie tradition in the week to come, with a few more favorites. I’ll admit. I probably will watch A Christmas Carol  a few more times before putting it away for another year.Thanks for being with me on this journey, the new year follows quickly. Don’t forget to spread joy, or at the very least…kindness. Happy Holiday!


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  1. We watched this movie last night!!! I love Miss Piggy especially when she gets caught sneaking a bite of the Christmas pudding. I so relate to her!! Merry Merry Christmas – all the very best of the season to you and yours! Looking forward to our next year of blogging adventures…

  2. I miss Miss Piggy’s yearly pin up calendar they used to do. Another great scene is when she pushes Kermit out of the way in the front door and threatens Scrooge. She’s like a mamma lion. Merrry Christmas to you too and looking forward to seeing you a lot in the new year.

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