A Christmas Carol (1984)


This is my favorite adaptation of this classic. I think Mr. Scott was the most authentic Mr. Scrooge. I love how the hearse slowly passes Ebeneezer in the opening scene. It creates the perfect eerie, creepiness. From Jacob Marley to Tiny Tim, the details are spot on and the acting superb. It is hard to believe this was made for television.

It was filmed on location in Shrewsbury, England and aired December 17, 1984 and was released theatrically in Great Britain. Many maintain this to be the best adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas story and I would agree.

George C. Scott captures the sarcastic, acerbic Ebeneezer better than any other actor and has the sneer down cold.  He doesn’t have fake hair pieces or makeup to distract you. By the end of the  ghost visitations, I’m surprised they didn’t murder him themselves, or at least hit him with a brick or two. He was stubborn till the bitter end, but that is one of the things I like most about this version.  George is simply superb. He captures beautifully, a giddy man saved from the chains of hell as he bounces on his bed like a schoolboy.

I went downtown with my kids tonight. We walked around in Old Town, Fort Collins, and the lights were spectacular. We walked past where my kids sat on Santa’s lap many years ago, and the fountain they used to wade in. I drove them to a house that is literally covered with lights. It was a magical way to end the evening. My favorite Christmas Carol tomorrow…




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