I’m the first to admit I am more traditional than the rest of my family, when it comes to holiday movies. Scrooged is a  modernized take on A Christmas Carol, which pretty much eliminates it from my list. Dickens version is the Holy Grail after all. I love to worship at the altar of all the wonderful authentic renditions of this.

My family are big Bill Murray fans, as am I, so it is on my play list in honor of Mr. Murray’s brilliance. I asked my kids ( as they blissfully ignored me while submerging themselves in technology) why they love this version so much and my son said because it’s a modern version (they think A Christmas Carol is one big yawn) and the originality of the ghosts. Murray plays Frank Cross, a  cynical television executive who has graduated to cruel and is visited by a moldy, decomposing media mogul (John Forsythe) in place of Marley, a cab driver playing the ghost of the past. Carol Kane plays a wacky ghost of the present who loves to belt Murray and the favorite seems to be the creepy, seven foot ghoul with a television for a face that plays to the future. It has a predictable ending except for the details.

I woke up with a cold and unhappily shoveled snow in freezing wind and cold. My daughter arrived safely but exhausted from her 6:30  a.m. flight. There is a reason that flight is cheaper. The sun came out after we unloaded her luggage.

Taking Zippy out to do his business takes me longer than it does to get my own gear on. He has a harness that goes under his coat.  I found it most challenging getting the doggie doo-doo bags open with gloves on. While I pulled a glove off with my teeth, Zippy wrapped his leash a couple times around some bare branches to keep me entertained.  This was after I locked myself out of the house. I LOVE neighbors with spare keys…who are home. Who is taking care of who?

Tomorrow is a new day with the joy of having my children together after two years. Great conversation, catching up with each others lives and learning all about the things I don’t know, from my twenty somethings. Bliss.


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