This is the 1970 musical version that stars Albert Finney as Ebeneezer. Personally I think Finney is far too young in this role and tries too hard. The music is wonderful. From songs like I Hate People, to Thank You Very Much, you feel like you are transported to merry old England. That is what I love about this version. It is veddy, veddy British, because, well, it’s British.  Father Christmas and I Like Life are also rousing songs that will get you in the spirit. The ghost of Christmas past wears a period gown, hat and muff. Love it.

This is not my favorite version but I still watch it every year to see all of Scrooge‘s clients singing a rousing Thank You Very Much through the streets celebrating his demise. As he watches (as a ghost) he joins in, thinking that he is being celebrated. The song was nominated for an Oscar and is still very well known. This version high lights the density of Scrooge’s denial and you can’t help think…idiot!

I went to an all day workshop today on developing and knowing your job skills. I had to do this to qualify for a grant I received and I wasn’t looking forward to it but ended up very pleasantly surprised. The instructor was fabulous and had a lot of insight about the process. She reminded us that this isn’t just about searching and finding employment but an often emotional draining reality that can go on indefinitely. No job security for anyone, anymore. Great.

People jump in to the process (out of fear) before they have had a chance to take a breath and grieve the loss of their old life. She reminded us all that this can be a long process, especially if you expect to find a new career and not just a temporary fix. That is easy in today’s economy. She gave me a lot to think about and I came away from the experience better for it. She validated how much work this is, on top of surviving and it is important to be open to lots of ideas. I didn’t see anything new about my skills, but I learned about re-framing them and using them in a different way. Our world is changing, has changed. Catching up is just the beginning.

I found out today that I have no scheduled hours this week which was disturbing. I began to worry and then realized I have an opportunity to joyfully enjoy this time. There is nothing I can do about my situation. I did the foot work and now I get to trust that it will all work out in the end. I decided to be happy and be in the moment. I’ve come so far and will continue to chip away at my challenges. My daughter comes day after tomorrow. A reminder that I’ve done some things amazingly well.


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    • Bored? What’s that? Lol. This is the first time that I heard self-care is important. It has been a mantra of lists and “You have to do this, you have to do that”. It’s a process that unfolds whether you have the perfect resume, and contacts or not. Lots of lessons in the journey.

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