A Christmas Story


This was a originally a sleeper film in 1983, but then so was It’s a Wonderful Life. I saw this once  and that was enough for me, I couldn’t relate to it and usually would sew when we watched it every year. It is a great story, and has lots of funny moments, including Darren McGavin as Ralphie’s dad, one we could all relate to. This was a favorite of FH and he enjoyed watching it every year. It’s funny how certain films touch you and others, not so much. It has gone on to be a huge holiday classic, despite my ambivalence. What do I know? I love Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol!


This movie was based on the short stories of Jean Shepherd, three of which were published in Playboy magazine in the 60’s. This semi-autobiographical movie takes place in a small town in Indiana, and made Peter Billingsley a star playing Ralphie Parker.

Peter Billingsley

Peter had a cameo in “Elf”

Billingsley has gone on to be a big time producer and director. Think Vince Vaughn films. Jean Shepherd  narrates the film as a grown up Ralphie, which was later done on the hit series Wonder Years, which Billinglsey worked on. He became executive producer of a musical version of this, now popular, holiday classic in 2010. So for all those Christmas Story fans, this one’s for you, on me!


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