National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


I posted this yesterday (I swear) but evidently some spam got through on my blog and WordPress shut me down for the night. It was a spam sham! I have to say this was very upsetting. The email they sent listed all sorts of dire reasons and it had me wondering most of the night what I had done wrong. Technically speaking. I was worried about not being able to connect with my blog family. Who knew how important you would become? My blog world/family has been restored. It’s a good day. So now you get the added bliss (or headache) of reading two blogs in one day.  Smiles to all of you!

This is another favorite of my kids and their dad. I’ve added it to this list as a nod to them and all the hilarious moments that abound in this movie. They memorized numerous lines from this film and repeat them through out the holiday season.

What family hasn’t wanted a perfect, good old family Christmas?  But as Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) learns from his dad, there is NO such thing unless you drown yourself in Jack Daniels first. Cousin Eddy in a black dickie under a sheer white shirt is not to be missed, among other gut busting moments.

Every time I see this, I remember what it was like for my brother, as my father tortured him for a weekend every year organizing and checking, and double checking, 100’s of  Christmas light strands. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

You will recognize a redheaded Doris Roberts, pre-Everybody Loves Raymond fame, and Rusty, a very young Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory. Randy Quaid ( big brother of Dennis) can’t be touched as the “touched” red neck cousin. There are too many classic moments in this movie to mention. It’s tacky, tasteless and irreverent and the best example of dysfunctional family get togethers on film.

A favorite scene of mine is when Clark discovers the squirrel in the Christmas tree and mayhem that ensues. Happy Mayhem everybody!


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