Holiday Affair


This 1949 movie is basically about sexual tension; well, holiday sexual tension.  Between Robert Mitchum’s macho swagger, and Janet Leigh’s over the top sensuality (and bosom), this doesn’t seem like it would be an ideal holiday film but it somehow works. Mitchum plays Steve Mason, a post-WWII drifter working in the toy department for Christmas when along comes Connie Ennis, a war widow working as a comparative shopper for the competitor, and sparks fly. Throw in an adorable young son and a long time friend-slash- future, boring husband-lawyer type, then this is definitely worth watching.

I’ve never been a big Robert Mitchum fan, but in this film he is just bohemian enough to be endearing, creating a nice balance to Leigh’s buttoned up control. She is afraid to risk loving again and wants to play it safe and is using her son as an excuse.  Steve calls her on it while challenging her with some steamy kissing in the kitchen. I love the dinner scene when Connie announces her intention to marry reliable Carl Davis and the shocked response of her mother-in-law is priceless. Everyone knows, except Connie, that she is marrying the wrong man. All ends well of course.

I’m moving into my very favorite part of the season…Christmas Carol time. I like to start with Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, don’t underestimate this! I also will share favorites of my kids, which aren’t necessarily mine, but I watch them anyway for them. Well…sometimes. This year anyway. My work schedule is getting pretty crazy so it’s good that A Christmas Carol will be premiering in the next two weeks. Each version is different but not so much that I have to explain a lot, so the posts will be shorter… theoretically. It’s hard to say with me.

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