White Christmas


The reason this is such a favorite with me is because I was raised in Florida. No one decorated for Christmas-our house was the only one covered in lights. An occasional wreath on the door…that was it. It was too tropical. It was a great place to grow up as a kid but I missed the change of seasons. It was green and tropical all year except for an occasional hard freeze. With the humidity it was frigid.

My father worked for Lockheed and transferred to Cape Canaveral, Florida from San Jose, California to work on the Apollo Space Program in the sixties. The bay area was hardly a winter wonderland but we did get snow once, and we had mountains with snow.

White Christmas reminded me of home and I watched it every time it was on. I loved all the cheesy dancing and singing. Judy (Vera-Ellen) was a toothpick  dancing her heart out and the curvy, Betty(Rosemary Clooney) singing and giving Bing a major headache. I remembered thinking how awful it must have been to stand next to Vera-Ellen. Then I saw Ms. Clooney in that famous drop-dead sexy, black velvet dress when she sang solo at the nightclub. Wow! Give me curves any day.

This film was made in 1954 and was built around the famous Irving Berlin song White Christmas.  Bing Crosby sang the song for the first time in the film Holiday Inn, which was made in 1942. It went on to become the most iconic and popular Christmas song of all time. Frankly I liked Holiday Inn better as a film but that’s just me. I mean you do have to endure the weird song and dance routine “It’s Choreography” that Danny Kaye as Phil,hams up: which was actually making fun of Martha Graham’s modern dancing. There was a little too much filler in this movie but that was typical of musicals of the 50’s.

I personally think the nosy housekeeper Emma (Mary Wickes) stole the whole movie. And Betty was pretty fired up most of the time (I think she had an anger problem) and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for ole Bob. Personally I would have dumped her, but this still remains a holiday staple that I can’t live without.

We escaped snow last night but we did have gale force winds. I worked an overnight shift, and on my way to work, a tumbleweed hit my windshield and I almost jumped out of my skin. It looked as big as a cow. We desperately need the moisture, but Longs Peak was covered with white on the horizon. The sky was so blue today it hurt your eyes. Colorado is a beautiful place to live.

Special thanks to Clanmother for nominating my blog It’s a Wonderful Life and Happy Chanukah for Blog of the Year 2012. I am humbly thankful that someone likes what I so enjoy sharing.  You all, have expanded my world in such enriching ways. Don’t forget to think snow or just sing White Christmas.


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