The Santa Clause


Tim Allen was the least likely Santa Claus I could imagine, but Disney has you believing he’s the real thing by the end of this movie. The North Pole and Santa’s workshop is the most impressive, magical display I’ve ever seen. I remembered seeing this is in the movie theater and felt like I was transported there. It is truly amazing!

Santa’s workshop at the North Pole

This movie had two sequels and neither of them can measure up to this one. I think it’s the element of surprise and that the whole movie builds up the transformation of Scott Calvin (Allen) into Santa. There are wonderful, humorous moments that only sarcastic Scott Calvin can carry off while trying to resist becoming the jolly, fat man in the red suit. He becomes a better human being and a better dad, what could be better? The ending is great too.

The Santa Clause

I had an appointment today and the office I was in was decorated with lots of wonderful quotes. These are two that stayed with me.


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