The Snowman


Animated movie

Raymond Briggs has to be one of the most interesting storyteller’s and illustrators of his generation. I fell in love with the story and art in the Snowman the first time I saw the film. The book debuted in England in 1978 and won many prestigious awards, but I personally didn’t see the book till much later. The animated classic that premiered in December of 1982 has become internationally iconic, from a book with no written dialogue! I found it refreshing that his drawings could capture so much. I was hooked.

Ethel and Ernest

Ethel and Ernest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I discovered by accident (as I was shelving in the non-fiction area of my library), a comic book auto-biography of sorts (yep, a comic book) called Ethel and Ernest, A True Story written in his bohemian style. His birth scene is quite graphic and I became a true fan after reading this, and became smitten with him personally.

I discovered again, by accident, another animated film, Father Christmas from 1991 which combined two of his books called Father Christmas and Father Christmas Takes a Holiday, and also debuted the Snowman and little boy in one of the cells. After watching the library version I decided to order it off of E-bay for my own collection and was surprised to get the British version which was much different than the one released in America. Santa was very grouchy and swore a bit and seemed tired of the job in the British version, compared to the nice, jolly Yank version. The British one is a hoot, but I adore them both and watch them following The Snowman. I have not yet seen The Bear also an animated film, but I will.

Book and animated film Film and book “Father Christmas”

book and film

Mr. Briggs loves to be unpredictable (read Ethel and Ernest), which makes his work all the more interesting. I have yet to read When the Wind Blows, a tale of the effects of a nuclear attack on an elderly couple, and a film as well. Not your typical children’s reading material. I am putting it on my reading list.

A busy day today. Got my car tags so I feel permanent, have an orientation for my newest job and then dinner with a favorite, old boss.   I am counting the days until I have my kids together for Christmas. Today, life is good.


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