Remember The Night



This 1940 film opens with Lee Leander (Stanwyck) stealing a bracelet. She ends up in court on Christmas Eve, where she’s up against asst. district attorney John Sargeant (McMurray) and a sympathetic court. He gets the trial postponed until after the holiday and she is steamed. He pays her bail (is that ethical?) and ends up driving her to Indiana where he plans to visit his mom and aunt on the family farm for Christmas. You have to watch the movie to see how that happens.

I love the cast of this film. His mom is played by the premier mom from It’s a Wonderful Life”, Beulah Bondi. Charming aunt Emma is played by Elizabeth Patterson and the incomparable Sterling Holloway plays cousin Willie, he’s a hoot. You will recognize his voice as Winnie the Pooh from Walt Disney and other famous voices as well.

Lee falls for his family and then falls for him. When they return to reality he wants to marry her and thinks of throwing the case so she won’t go to prison but she surprises him.

I admire Stanwyck because she wasn’t your typical Hollywood starlet and played smart, strong women well. Who could forget her and McMurray in Double Indemnity? They both had the talent and ability to play tough cookies and endearing characters.

I can tell you… I do not like the changes WordPress has made lately. It is much more difficult to navigate now and I have found grinding my teeth doesn’t really help. God help us from techies who have to improve things. Have you ever noticed they are the only ones that like said changes? Ugh. This is the second version of this, I had to trash the first. I don’t have the time or patience tonight to have that much fun.

Hope you are having a relaxing evening?


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  1. i never heard of this one either. I love the plot – full of twists and turns – and it probably has a happy ever after ending. We need more of these movies in the world… BTW – just figured out how to use the new way of uploading photos. I’m trying to keep up with the techies but alas, they have younger legs…

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