It Happened On 5th Avenue



This is definitely a low budget B movie. It’s claim to fame was that Frank Capra decided to direct It’s A Wonderful Life instead of this film, lucky for us!  It’s about a generous hobo (they call them the homeless now) that becomes a squatter in mansions that are empty while the millionaires that own them are staying in their other homes for the winter. It is after WWII and there is a housing shortage in New York. There are no big name stars but the story was nominated for an academy award.

It Happened on 5th Avenue

It Happened on 5th Avenue

I love the message of this movie and the lovable character Aloyisius McKeever, played by Victor Moore (I didn’t know who he was either) and a cast of other unknown character actors. I watched it on my portable DVD player while I worked on Christmas presents. It was an enjoyable afternoon and low key. My son brought his laundry over (my excuse to get him here but he does his own) and I cut his hair then he got Chinese take-out for dinner. I love making things and wish I could show you pictures, but I have a phone that doesn’t take them. Hope you are having a great Sunday.


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