I’ll Be Seeing You



This 1944, WWII movie features the song of the same name, and has been sung by many a famous crooner. I’ll Be Seeing You stars a grown up Shirley Temple, Ginger Rogers and Joseph Cotten. This isn’t a cheerful holiday movie because of it’s subject matter, but still warms the heart.

I'll Be Seeing You

I’ll Be Seeing You

Ginger plays Mary Marshall, a prison inmate on an 8 day pass to visit her aunt and uncle for Christmas. On the train she meets Zachary Morgan (Cotten) who is also on a 10 day pass. He suffers from PTSD which was called “shell shock” in those days, and is on some ordered R&R from a military hospital. Sadly, the stigmas and denial still exist for this tragic aftermath of war.

These two lonely hearts connect and fall in love and discover what it truly means to be vulnerable. Interwoven are the realities of Mary  being a social outcast, and sharing a room with her young cousin Barbara (Temple) is painful. Her reason for being in prison  (you have to watch the movie) is terribly unfair but a product of the times. It has a poignant ending and holds a special place on my play list.

Happy New Year!I'll Be Seeing You

Happy New Year! I’ll Be Seeing You

I am getting around easier and have narrowed my knee boo-boo down to a lateral collateral ligament injury? I don’t think it was torn because it’s not swollen. I no longer work at the department store (there is a God) and will start a new job next week working with seniors in their homes. I did this work for a private client some years ago and found it very rewarding.



It is endlessly challenging finding employment that one can support oneself on. It is discouraging. Researching the job market is the equivalent of a full time job. Keeping up with today’s technology is an additional job. Filing job applications, doing cover letters, takes hours. Keeping your chin up is even harder at times. I live in a city where over half the population has a bachelors degree or higher. I didn’t finish college. If your credits are older than five years, you start over. Daunting and expensive.

I was returning something at the store today and the lady in front of me started talking to another woman in line about her new job and it turns out that she got the library job I interviewed for (and really wanted) in our old mountain hometown. She didn’t know who I was fortunately. What are the odds? I admit I am discouraged. In the past I got every job I interviewed for but times have changed.

What I lack in employment, I more than make up for in friends. I am a rich, rich woman when it comes to people who love me, and whom I love. Time and patience? I’ve got a lot of one and not so much of the other. Tomorrow is a new day.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits


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