Monthly Archives: November 2012

Pagan Whimsy


The close of another Halloween night. Full moon and spooky. When else could you see a college bound Princess Leia serenely (minus the gun) riding her bike with her white dress flapping in the breeze, or a two and a half year old Santa Claus asking for candy at the door? Pumpkins lit with welcoming smiles. With all the tough realities in the world it’s nice to have a little pagan whimsy…and candy.

My room mate was so excited after I carved two pumpkins that she went out and got one of her own and created a masterpiece. We both eagerly waited for the sun to go down to light the candles. You never get too old to be a kid again.

I passed on all the numerous candy offered to me and am grateful I’m not feeling sick from too much chocolate, like I have in the past. I nervously drove my son home from work tonight, braving the campus madness. I saw some very strange costumes. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the cops and the hospital emergency room tonight. When I worked in one I remember full moons brought out all sorts of bizarre craziness. Throw Halloween in to the mix…oh the stories they will have tomorrow!

Happily we still have another month of pumpkins. I love all they represent. Spookiness, goodness, sustenance, not bad for vegetables.