Christmas With The Kranks


The anticipation is building. Soon it will be December and I won’t have to hold back much longer to watch all my Christmas Carol’s. I save them for the weeks leading up to Christmas. I can’t help myself. I KNOW I was British in another life.

I was disappointed to find that my Jewish holiday movie is no longer available (except in VHS) and I was complaining about this to my Jewish friend Cam. I came up with the brilliant idea to have her pick her favorite holiday film. She said she would think about it (but I am working on her) since she doesn’t celebrate Christmas. She is one of the most spiritually loving people I know. Ecumenical while being devoted to her synagogue. If I convince her, I’ll be excited to see what she chooses (plus it takes the pressure off me) and the blog that will result.

She invited me to her Shabbat service last Friday. It was a very small, intimate gathering due to the Thanksgiving holiday but it was wonderful. Beyond the discomfort of feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing (I didn’t) the Rabbi presiding was warm and welcoming as the people present were. I felt quickly at home. The Rabbi read Ahavat Olam. The interpretive version by Rami M. Shapiro in the Torah, stopped me in my tracks. The first paragraph began:

We are loved by an unending love. 

We are embraced by arms that find us

even when we are hidden from ourselves.

It spoke directly to me and I wanted to cry. I have been hiding from myself for some time. But I’m peaking out a little more each day.

Toward the end of the service they read Prayers for Healing:

Help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing.

I have been carrying these words around with me all week, and wrote them down, to remind me when I forget who I am.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was Jewish in another life as well. Cam lost her husband sixteen years ago last week, from kidney disease. I was lucky to have known him and our young families spent some treasured moments together. He wasn’t Jewish either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is now. Thanks Cam for inviting me.


My movie for the day was Christmas With the Kranks. For those of you who don’t like holiday movies, try the book it’s based on called Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. It’s an enjoyable read.

I like this movie version too because I was a Tim Allen, Jamie Curtis fan. It is what you would call a Christmas farce but has a lot of special moments and messages. I love the giant snowmen that becomes a nightmare and the crazy but lovable neighbors. The Botox/suntan bed scenes are humorous.

Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. You are having a wonderful time watching these movies! I am going to my closet and finding all of Christmas videos – I want to have fun, too. Tim Allen always comes through at Christmas. ” The Santa Clause” comes to mind…

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