Which Head Shop Would You Pick?


Have you ever been in a head shop? I hadn’t until recently. I got to experience this with a long-time girlfriend. It started with an innocent “want to take a walk with me”? In fact, (now that I think about it) things like this happen with her all the time. You know…serendipitous stuff, quirky-odd and wonderful? I love our adventures. And just so you know (absolutely no judgement intended), we aren’t head shop types. I won’t dwell on this because I don’t want to leave the impression we are grandma’s with support hose either. We are COOL, just older than the age group usually found here.

There are actually two head shops (right across the street from the Colorado State University campus), go figure. Rockin Robin is right next door to Mellow Yellow, and yes, the building is uh… a mellow yellow?

My friend was going to a concert and had to go to Rockin Robin’s to pick up tickets and she asked me to walk down with her. She is lucky to live in our beautiful downtown area, so off we went on a beautiful fall day. We smiled at all the Chip and Dales (squirrels) chasing each other through the branches, dodging bikes, jay walking. We arrived, went in, and a young man (he looked around 14) asked if he could help us. He looked a tad dubious, like what are these mothers doing here? No pun intended.

Chip 'n' Dale

Chip ‘n’ Dale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My friend whipped out her credit card to order the ticket. He says, “We don’t accept credit cards for these “.  Oh golly. That’s not what I really said.  What can we do but walk all the way back to her house? We leave the dark and smokey (incense?) shop and my friend says, “Hey I know someone who works at Mellow Yellow, maybe she’ll have $27 on her for the ticket”.

Now, I’m thinking to myself…yeah right!  How the hell does she know someone at ANOTHER head shop?! And WHY would they hand over $27!?

I have to say I liked Mellow Yellow better, it had cool tie dye shirts and funky women’s clothing. I get introduced to her friend who was friendly and gracious and she whips out $27 and hands it over. I am now dying, and ask, “How did YOU become friends”. She shrugs and says she used her as a dog sitter. Evidently she is like a “dog whisperer”.  Uh…o.k.  The thought went through my head that there might be a “reason” dogs get mellow (no pun intended) around her?

We arrive back next door and find a note taped up, “be back in a few”.  By now we are wishing we could USE the head shop. Ah youth, he probably had the munchies? We trekked back home laughing. I decided to call it a day so I am assuming my friend paid back the dog whisperer, I know she got her ticket and went to the concert, but that’s a whole “nother” story. I then emailed both my kids and asked “have you ever been to the head shop here?

My friend will be travelling for the holidays off and on and I will be house/dog sitting for Zippy, her delightful Bichon. I’ve known him since he was a puppy. He’s now 13 and still zippy. I seem to attract Bichon’s. I think I might be a  Bichon whisperer.


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