25,000 Square Feet Of Eye Candy!


I am crazy about Halloween. I have the greatest memories of days gone by and I love how popular the old vintage decorations are. I use any excuse to look at Halloween displays and one of my favorite stops is Hobby Lobby. A crafter’s dream… and nightmare. It is impossible to get out of there without buying something.They have completely remodeled and arranged the store and it was a thing of beauty. Streamlined and bursting to the seams with ideas for all sorts of projects. I am a crafting addict. I start getting little twitches about this time, a restlessness.

The change in seasons puts my crafty brain in overdrive. I start getting the itch to create. It doesn’t matter what it is. Needlework, papier-mache, sewing, quilting, painting, card making.

My head starts to explode with ideas and I am driven to collecting supplies, like a squirrel gathering nuts. I sold boxes of crafting supplies at my garage sale. I had enough to supply my own little store. It isn’t necessary to use all of it either. It is enough for me to have the stuff sitting there waiting for me. I love to go through my patterns and ideas. It is my fix between holidays.

The anticipation is seductive.  Just “knowing” there are projects waiting for me to start them could keep me entertained for years.

After downsizing and moving to Iowa, I was really proud of myself for rooting out my unfinished projects, some of them were years old, and I finished every one of them. It was fun but the real fun was starting over and collecting new projects. I am down to just a few boxes of supplies and fabric now, but sadly they are in storage in another state and I am feeling the loss. I barely got out of Hobby Lobby yesterday with my life. The friend I was with told me I should visit the new Joann’s Fabric.  They moved into an old hardware store that went out of business here, so last night I eagerly went there after dinner. Unsuspecting.

I’m here to tell you that 25,000 square feet…YES, 25,000  of fabric, books, crafts and ideas was beyond anything I’ve ever seen!!! I wandered about dazed  in wonderment. I wanted to make myself a new purse but the overwhelming array of fabrics kept me from making a decision. I had to come home and lie down with a cool cloth over my eyes. They hurt after observing this eye candy extravaganza. I think I will have to go back in small doses.

Part of the fun of crafting is having your own space. I get why men love setting up workbenches in their garages. It’s a place to you have total control of. Where things will go, how it will look. Little nooks and crannies, straight rows, organization. It’s addicting but I am also known to spread out in complete disarray all over a flat surface. One year I had antique glitter from one end of our house to the other. My family complained it was in everything. I told them there were worse things that could happen. Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak up to an uptight, crabby person and sprinkle glitter in their hair without them knowing?  Hmmmmm.

I went to the market on my way home and was still high from the craft store. I left the grocery with an adorable African Violet for $1.99 and a tiny pot for 79 cents. A Halloween magazine begged it’s way into my bag and I left feeling like I won the lottery. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I am learning to get my joy from looking and planning.

Anticipation is it’s own reward…


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  1. I can only imagine the excitement of 25,000 square feet, especially with all that possibility staring your in the face. You are right, of course, it is in the anticipation and the planning that gives the greatest pleasure.

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