I can’t look at the word anticipation without hearing the song. It is unfortunate that I also visualize ketchup slowly moving it’s way out of the bottle as well. I have been feeling it none the less lately.

A slight tug at the edge of my senses that tells me something is simmering on the horizon, ready to bubble forth and show it’s origins.

I am not sure what it will be, but there is change coming. A shift from the routine? A higher consciousness? A change in venue?


Could be. I know that the road I have been travelling has been meandering to a more stationary destination. My own place.

I helped friends move into new homes last week and it started me down that path of decorating in my head, imagining color pallets for bathrooms, what kind of furniture I’d choose. I sold everything I had accumulated over the last 20 years,to move and start over. I have two cherished pieces of furniture I saved, and a couple dozen boxes of treasures but the rest is up for grabs. I have gone through so many changes that it has impacted the way I see everything, including my living space. I’m not even sure what it will be like. Maybe a little of this? A lot of that?

It’s exciting really. Color is my new best friend, what will it inspire me to do? Once you experience navy blue side burns from OTC hair-color the sky is the limit! Seriously.

I had wanted to be a room mate for a while so that I could squirrel away nuts, but we have this idea in America that everyone HAS to live alone. Don’t get me wrong. I loved living alone for the eight years I had before marriage and I look forward to it again. What’s not to like? But there is a lot to be said for sharing expenses and sharing space. Marriage demands it and you do get used to having kids invade every molecule of space, but I think we become better for it. We are more flexible, more open, less self centered and become better communicators.

Yes, there is a lot to be said for privacy, I love my room and spend a lot of time in it and I also felt euphoric when I had the whole house to just myself. But I also loved communal meals and the warmth of conversation over a good cup of coffee on Sunday with the newspaper. Sharing chores is nice and dishes are a breeze.

What I don’t like is the stigma that somehow there is something wrong with you socially or emotionally if you consider alternatives. I’ve picked this subtlety up with my friends when they say or infer “it will be good for you to be alone”. Like this is a test I have to pass first. Uh, for what? It is essential, absolutely, for young people leaving the nest, and it is never a good idea to be too dependent on others for your needs but there is a lot more to be said for living with others. In fact I would go as far to say that living alone is for whimps. Just sayin.

So what do you think about a turquoise couch?


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