The Books Are Falling


Finished my last “beach” book.  About time too… all our leaves are starting to turn in northern Colorado and the evenings are getting pleasantly cool. Heather Barbieri’s novel “The Cottage at Glass Beach” was not the cozy novel I was expecting to close out my fluff reads of summer with. A woman with 2 young daughters in tow, runs from the  press surrounding her famous husband’s affair. She returns to a small island off the coast of Maine that she hasn’t visited since she was a young child, where her mother died at sea.

It’s called Burke’s island and was settled by Irish immigrants which lends some Celtic flavor to the story, especially when  a mysterious stranger gets washed up on the beach where seals abound. It was a fish stew kind of story with all sorts of odds and ends tossed in. Not very believable, and a so-so read.

It put me in the mood for some no-nonsense-non-fiction. I’ve been waiting for weeks (it was lost in the mail) for an inter library loan called “Bound With An Iron Chain” by Anthony Vaver. It tells the untold story of how the British transported 50,000 convicts to
colonial America. I also have “The Story of Charlotte’s Web” by Michael Sims which tells how E. B. White was inspired to write the children’s classic, and “To Free a Family, the Journey of Mary Walker” by Sydney Nathans about an escaped slave who spends the next seventeen years trying to recover her family. I’ll round it off with “The Lifeboat” by Charlotte Rogan. Guess I’d better get busy!

Nothing matches snuggling up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot something and a good book. Or, a stack of books. Haven’t read non-fiction in a while and I’ve begun to crave food for my undernourished brain cells.

I now have a job that will keep the wolves away (is that the “Hounds of the Baskerville’s” I hear?) as I continue my search for that dream library job. It’s out there, I just know it. I’ll have so much more time to read now that I am not designing resumes every day. That was not my thing, and I won’t miss it.

“A Christmas Carol” won’t be far behind!


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