What’s a Job Without a Book Club?


Remember the first day of school? New shoes, new clothes, new underwear, couldn’t sleep? Well that was me the night before I started  my new job, sans the new clothing and underwear. I did get a  car though.  A 98 Subaru with 159k miles on the odometer was all I could afford but I am thrilled to be driving and independent again. Not having my own car for the past  6 months kind of sucked, truth be told. In fact, I’ve been giddy with excitement. Being able to jump in my car and drive anytime I want is something I took for granted. 

This would explain why I couldn’t get to sleep. This would also explain why I feel like I just drank a couple Red Bulls. Everything I’ve been putting “out there” has come back in spades and I am having a blast! One of my best friends is a guy and he spec’d out the car for me and taught me what to look for. I loved every minute with him and he was nice enough to find the car the day before I started my job. Whew!! Hopefully he’ll overlook the speed-camera ticket I got while driving his car? Love you buddy!!

The training so far has been like a giant slumber party. Twenty three women ooohing and ahhing over make-up. Bare Escentuals is such a top notch company, the stuff sells itself. They hired professional models for the first time ever in the history of the company, but they did it without seeing them! Yeah, that’s right.They actually wanted to know who these women were on the inside, so they interviewed them, and chose them based on inner qualities. These are amazing women.They are our force of beauties. How empowering is that?! I can’t remember ever having this much fun learning a new job.

I’m sure the honeymoon won’t last forever. BUT when it does, guess what? I have a book club to look forward to. Yep. You heard me… our training team is starting a book club!! I can’t go a day without talking about books, but I did have a captive audience. The next thing I know there is a phone/email list circulating to start our own book club. Books and make-up. HmmmmmLove it!

Speaking of which… I liked Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman. Interesting novel about Emma, a prima-ballerina in London, who at the end of her career, finds she has inherited an isolated sheep station in rural Australia. I liked how the author interweaves the story of the ancestor who leaves her this legacy and how she came to have it. Emma goes to sell the house and clean out it’s contents, only to be surprised by lots of circumstances. Nice read.

The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Hewe sounded like a page turner. In this novel, Sybil Allston loses her sister and mother aboard the Titanic. Add a flaky brother, a cantankerous father, and an old beau and you would think I wouldn’t be able to put it down but not so. The author writes in short static sentences that I found distracting and hard to follow and the going back and forth between all the family members was too confusing. I barely finished it and was very disappointed. Oh well, on to the next stack.


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