Good Books Come In Threes


I had bronchitis this week and it’s the only time that I get to read one book after another. My first choice was a surprise delight called “The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service” by Beth Kendrick. Lara has just moved in with her boyfriend only to find she is in over her head after bringing home stray dogs. The word is out that she has an uncanny knack for matching up rescue mutts with the perfect home and she has become VERY popular. With her boyfriend? Not so much.

She and the dogs end up moving in with her high- maintenance, workaholic mother. This book is sweet and funny, with mild romance, and has really good tips on dog behavior. The characters, and dogs that show up on Lara’s doorstep are hilarious and real. I love her BFF who has just become a new mom and you’ll like the surprise ending. I enjoyed this from beginning to end! I love finding an author that I really like who has other books I haven’t read yet. Too bad I’m feeling better.

My next book  is a favorite author of mine, Adriana Trigiani again, explores her Italian roots in “The Shoemaker’s Wife”. I liked it but felt it was a tad too long and wish she would have spent more time on Enza and Ciro’s relationship. My favorite of all her books, still remain the Big Stone Gap series.

None the less, you still feel transported from the Italian Alps to behind the scenes at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Inspired by her grandparents love story, this is a book filled with war, loss, family and destiny. Amazing, is the lengths immigrant families were willing to go, to obtain their dreams.

I ended my trio with “Home Front” by Kristin Hannah, who I am also a big fan of. This was a novel about what happens to families torn apart by the war in Iraq. Jolene is a stay at home mom/ helicopter pilot in the reserves who gets deployed. Her husband Michael was unhappy and is now resentful  because he is suddenly a single parent. Family roles get turned upside down and it’s messy!

I admired Ms. Hannah’s gritty but poignant portrayal of PTSD and the stark realities it presents if left untreated. I LOVED this story and it shows, yet again, that war is hell, and returning home is often the hardest part. That is when the true heroics begin.


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