What Makes A Fairy Godmother?


Fairy tale books, silly! They are all described, in great detail. They flew in the face of (no pun intended)great danger, despair, and abandonment. “Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Wizard of Oz” were all about women who were handed a raw deal but got coated with fairy dust for their troubles. These stories are all about women who had the power they needed, inside them, but they needed a push. It wasn’t waving a magic wand that got the job done. It was that Fairy Godmothers SHOWED UP when the chips were down! They were there!!

These mom’s of mine, put on a wedding shower, and a wedding reception. They provided all the food. I didn’t even have to ask. After it was decided by Alma and Toni, that my wedding dress was better hidden in it’s box (the day before my wedding, on a holiday weekend), it was Beverly who provided me with a dress to wear to the ceremony. Her daughter had gotten married a couple months before me, and lent me her lovely, handmade, wedding dress to wear the next day. Being a curvy size 12, I would have had trouble finding samples off the rack, even if, I had found a place that was open.

This dress was completely different than the one I had initially chosen to be made. This life preserver, was empire-waist, chiffon, with a matching veil and looked wonderful on me! It also had identical lace on the collar and cuffs that matched my three bridesmaids. And it fit perfectly! Hmmmmm.

But, more than rescuing me with a dress, (which was amazing), they trooped in behind me, the day I had to take said seamstress to small claims court, to get a refund on my original wedding dress! Judge Judy would have been proud.

They all filed in, all six. Bev asked to approach the bench when my name was called. There she painstakingly went over the construction of the dress (that had cost only $50 in materials to make), with the judge. He then held out my exhibit that had cost hundreds more, and compared them. Bev had this little-girl voice similar to Melanie Griffith, but she packed a punch with her Pillsbury dough figure and halo of curls. The judge was putty in her hands. She even forgave me for sharing, in a packed courtroom, (from nervousness) that I was grateful that her daughter had been pregnant when she got married so that I could fit in to the last minute substitution. We still laugh about that one. I know Bev does, and of course we won.

This was just the beginning: a life filled with these incredible women, banding together, to remind me that I was well loved and would never be alone. Isn’t that what God intended? I have seen them grow gray; age has made them slower, but nothing has dimmed their spirit of love, laughter, and giving; despite their losses. They leave a trail of sparkles where ever they go. Thanks for picking me!


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