I met Marian the same way I met the others, but my relationship with her blossomed later. She was tall and elegant with eyes that were mesmerizing. Stunning in fact. We were always good friends but she had younger kids and was busy raising four boys. At that time her husband Joe, was a fireman, and on his off hours he worked another job as well. Marian had her hands full with a house full of jocks. It was raucous, noisy and loving. They were involved in everything.

One of the reasons I love Marian so much, is that she is the opposite of me. She is more quiet than I, and an introvert. She is the most restful person I know. She doesn’t require as many words to say things as I do, I take a really, long, paragraph to say what she can sum up in a sentence. She is wise, uncomplicated and divine. She is like a sister to me. We have traveled many of the same paths and I am sure we were mermaids in another life. We worship at the altar of the sea… the beach. It’s a healing place for us. She inspired me to start a collection of heart shaped, beach stones, brought in on the tide. 

When Marian and Joe decided to retire, they built a home in the hills, between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California. It is paradise! When I experienced my surprise divorce, this is where I drug my wounded, battered heart. I love the mists that roll in off the ocean, the smell of salt in the air and watching the surfers off Pleasure Point. I was welcomed like the prodigal son by both Marian and Joe. I desperately needed that at the time.

Marian left me alone to cry and grieve. She listened. She let me dig in the garden. She fed me. She hugged me, and she showed me that my divorce couldn’t do permanent damage if someone in the world loved me this much. She loved me through a time when I couldn’t love myself. Both Marian and Joe did that, and all of my Fairy Godmothers have done that at one time or another. How lucky am I?

Marian hosted a landmark birthday-slumber-party for me, at her home, with all of my Fairy Godmom’s. It was the most fun you could have and still be legal. No drugs or alcohol involved. With these women,  alcohol wasn’t necessary, or encouraged. My heart left there, filled to exploding!  It’s a birthday that I’ll never forget.

These women are very busy and it took months of planning (Marian’s an expert) to get them in one place on the same weekend. That was a gift in itself. It was a magical night.

Sadly there were two Fairy Godmothers that were not there. We lost Sandy and Bev to breast cancer and miss them terribly, still.  Sandy hosted my wedding shower and she was a live wire  along with the rest. She had a sense of humor, more on the wild side. One time she hosted a church dinner, fund-raiser and served X-rated fortune cookies that still have people talking. She loved to shake things up and had a heart of gold. She hosted my bridal shower and I was goggle eyed at one of the gag gifts, but that is one of the characteristics that made her so wonderful.

These wild women of faith, were earthy and real and I grew to adore them more and more.They broke the mold when Bev was born. She was so, very, funny. She could work a room like no other. When I first met her she was rotund at five feet. She played Snow White in a  fund-raiser play they put on, and when the young prince woke her with a kiss, her chubby legs kicked up a frenzy. It brought down the house!

Everything with Bev was a little more fun. Like… the time we went to small claims court about my ruined wedding dress, (see Alma blog) and she asked the judge if she could approach the bench. Sandy and Bev haunt every get-together. Our memories about them, liven every reunion, and I know they miss us as much as we miss them. Those were Halcyon Days when we were all together.

Find out about why I named these women Fairy Godmothers and what I wore to my wedding, in my next, and final, Fairy Godmother blog.


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