I had a great conversation with friends yesterday about speaking up. When should we speak up? There are those who speak up easily and those who don’t speak up when they should. I’ve been on the receiving end of both and each have their consequences. How and when you say something is important and an art we don’t get much training on.

We are bombarded with advice on everything these days. The internet, parenting, health, religion, marriage, politics. It starts to spill into every waking minute. It has taken over our culture to the point that there is very little agreement on anything anymore. The debate has become more important than finding the solution. What does that get us? TMI!

Speaking of which…I enjoyed “Honeymoon with My Brother” by Franz Wisner much more than I expected. The only thing I didn’t like was too much detail (TMD?)a couple times on Franz’s sex life. It was superfluous to the story.

Franz begins as a very self-absorbed, successful  professional with a fiancee that gets cold feet. She dumps him days before the wedding and he ends up taking his brother (newly divorced) on what was to be his honeymoon trip. It is such a success they both decide to quit their jobs, sell everything and extend it to a trip around the world. Boys-just-want-to-have-fun-while-healing-a-broken-heart kind of trip.

These two very different brothers end up reconnecting in ways they couldn’t have imagined. On this journey they both are transformed from shallow to deeply effected individuals by the cultures, and people they encounter. I was impressed by the changes that occur and their sensitive observations. This was not one of those luxurious trips around the world, although they did have some comforts. They were totally open to the experience and getting off the beaten path. It was the making of this memoir, and of Franz.


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