Mirror, Mirror.


Gosh it’s nice to be wanted! My former boss invited me to lunch this week. She told me that she would love to re-hire me but all the costly library-district remodels had frozen any hiring . No hours. The story of my life. I didn’t go to lunch to talk about a potential job but it was really nice of her to bring it up. I went because I enjoy her company and we’ve always liked each other. It was great to get caught up and it was a nice ego boost.  Easy come, easy go.

I’ve been getting  lots of feedback on my resumes. I think I’m up to five different ones now and counting. One has too much info, one not enough. One doesn’t blow my horn enough and one skips some of my more colorful work experiences. Remember the pathology study with rats? You don’t?!

I am a verbal person (do I hear laughing?) and don’t like depending on a paper copy, or electronic for that matter, to represent who I am. I’ve been spending time with old friends who have mirrored such wonderful things back to me lately. I didn’t realize how much that had been missing from my life. It has been a much easier transition coming back to Colorado than I expected. I’ll need all the support I can get in the weeks ahead. Networking is the new buzz word for job searches. HOW I do that should make for some interesting stories.

I was at a disadvantage in Oregon, far from my best. I feel like I am just now hitting my stride and getting back to me. Or a new and improved version of me? T&B have no idea how much they figured in to that. So many relationships shape us if we let them. My heart feels full. Haven’t felt that in awhile and I am deeply humbled by it. Funny how losing something can give you the chance to gain it again.

In the meantime I’m reading “Honeymoon With My Brother” by Franz Wisner, but I really want to be reading Philip Gulley’s newest book, “Evolution of Faith: How God is Making a Better Christianity”. I really admire this former Quaker Pastor who wrote the wonderfully humorous, fictional “Harmony Series”. This is a downside of not working in a library. I have to wait a long time to get my hands on new books, AND I can’t just go out and buy them now. I’ve been known to spend my last dime on them. I know you GET that!

Make the effort to surround yourself with those who mirror the best in you. We all know too well the price of being bombarded with the  negative. Blow away the smoke, let the real you shine!


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