Books…For A Change?


A long time friend gave me a copy of her first published book. “Wings of Love” is a spiritual allegory of the soul and is rendered by the mesmerizing illustrations of Eris Klein. Like the possibilities in any book, this will speak powerfully to those who are open to it. I love that Pamela Sachs illustrates her spiritual journey by sharing such a deeply personal part of her life with the world. Like most of us she has faced many a mountain climb. She had two young girls to raise as she lost her young husband.  She told me that this is more of a “gift” book, it’s a short, soft cover and I have to agree with her. It’s a gift.

My next read was a fluffy-beach-towel read by Holly Chamberlin that  has three very different women, (who are strangers) sharing a run down beach house on Martha’s Vineyard.

One is a very structured with a controlled plan. Another is escaping a stifling fiance and the other is a shoot-from-the-hip, free spirit, who doesn’t like commitment. I thought some of their personal conversations tedious until they got to know each other better. Not a bad read and it had some funny moments. The women grow more introspective together  and that’s what made this book interesting to me. I love that they jump in with both feet despite their natures.

I saved the best book for last. “The Gilly Salt Sisters”by Tiffany Baker is wonderful. It has all the elements I love in a book. Quirky, eccentric, thrilling. This  story is chock full of  believable characters you can’t help but like. The savagery of high passions mixed with tenderness, mystery, and intrigue. This book has everything.

Claire and Jo are two sisters who are a contrast of night and day. They live on a salt pond in an isolated village in Cape Cod. The salt is there livelihood and the crystals hold mysterious properties. They become estranged tragically but at the story’s conclusion an odd trio of women decide the fate of a man, insanely driven to own the salt pond. Couldn’t put this down. You’ll never look at the spice of life the same again.


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  1. I was so excited to order “The Gilly Salt Sisters” for the library. I read the description months before it came out and it sounded amazing! I haven’t read it yet, but will have to now.

  2. A friend of mine is finishing the touches on his third book “Soul Search(ing)” I find it inspirational when others share their spiritual journeys, I feel we all, in some way, are on similar ones. I too adore fluffy reads, I just finished “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. I read a few books a week, their the portals to the world, both ancient and modern 🙂 Be well, Marsellaj

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