Happy Independence Day!


The concept of independence is amazing isn’t it? I have never been more aware of this gift than in the last week. I have the freedom to make decisions just for me. My life is unfolding in a nice but unnatural way. America gives us the tool of independence at birth. What we do with it is up to us. The freedom to make mistakes, to prosper (no matter what that might look like) and to take risks. I’ve been taking some big ones and have grown more than I thought possible.

Doing what others expect of you can be a heavy burden. I have been given lots of advice, opinions and even articles on how I should do this.  There are those who will charge you for the privilege: life coaches, therapists, blogs, support groups…blah blah blah!  The most valuable was free. A wise friend in FC said, “It doesn’t matter HOW you do this, you’ve got this one”!  Wow. I’m intimate with toiling and can pick it up when I need to…compromise is ALWAYS an option.

I have found a place to live in Fort Collins with a friend I’ve known for many years. They are popping out of the woodwork in delightful ways. I’ve also had an offer of a place to live in Denver if I find employment there as well.  Funny how independence sometimes requires dependence. How you customize it matters. Today I will celebrate my independence with my son and my best male friend Bill. I wish my treasure box of friends in Oregon (my niece, B, T, and Bianca) the best of 4ths! I have a lot. Viva la independence America!!!!

I just finished the book “The Secret Lives of Dresses” by Erin McKean.  A young woman returns home when the grandmother who raised her has a stroke.  “Dora” discovers more than she bargained for when she takes over “Mimi’s” vintage dress shop. Oh, the stories these dresses could tell! Mimi decided to make up stories to go with some of the dresses of era’s past, and gives them randomly to clients who purchase them.

Great story but this was a slow moving book and I didn’t really find it all that interesting until the last couple chapters. There are a lot of good “Mimi-ism’s” through out that develops the wonderful character of the grandmother. A quote on page 229 from the love interest for Dora, got me to pondering. Con says “Experience is just paying attention as time passes”. If it were only that simple. I find a lot of action is required for it as well.

Have a wonderful Independence Day with those you cherish!


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