Normal Shhnormal


My son arrived last night and we were up late catching up. It is so rewarding as a parent to see your child grow into a fully functioning adult. Ironically we both seem to be struggling with the same challenges. What is NORMAL? Such a huge word for six letters! Problems arise when the people around us decide what our normal should be. The word “should” also travels hand in hand within that iconic shadow.

Making the shift from a parent to an observer of your grown off springs life is not easy but it can be surprisingly pleasurable when you accept that your once towering influence has been reduced to searching, again, for your own normal. Relationships are what shape, mold, and pound us into the thousand shades of grey normal becomes.  It frequently gets painted in stark black and white. Rigid guidelines of others expectations.

I can’t follow someone else’s blueprint, I want to draw my own and I want my children to design theirs. The lines get changed and moved as we do; ever changing the defintion of what we like to box people into. Normal? I prefer to wrap myself into the softness of grey with all the uncertainty it brings.

We three are off to the beach for a weekend of good food, company and great conversation. My niece and son haven’t seen each other in over a decade. Gabe was seven the last time he saw his cousin so there is a lot of reconnecting to do. Let’s get at it!


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