Faaa-BU-Lous And Free!


I am so impressed with this site I have to share it. I was trying to find a computer class to update skills I need for my job search. Knowing my learning style (I like working at my own pace) and my budget (broke) I started looking on-line and found GCFLearnfree.org.  It stands for Goodwill Community Foundation International. This site allows you to take a formal class, with a teacher’s supervision or pop in and use it when you want without supervision. It offers free tutoring in math, money, reading, Google, Ipad basics, Microsoft Office, Apple, Mac, resumes and more-all FREE!! Have questions about digital stuff? Go here. Questions about all the latest technologies? HERE!!  Check it out on their web site or facebook and let me know what you think.

I love this site so much I could cry. It even allows for screwing around, like I’m doing right now! Hey, I’ve been working on lessons all day, honest. It has everything I need, it’s free, and I don’t feel like an idiot when I don’t know something. In fact you can review stuff as often as you need to. If I had known about this a long time ago I could have been running my own company by now, or at least know how to use all the apps on my cell phone.  Soooooooo share this with everyone you know!! It’s like giving out hugs, or diplomas.

Hoping to finish up “Stones for Ibarra, so I can finish Tarzan, so I can finish Dorothy Cannell’s book, but first…MUST finish class!


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