Change Will Continue


The people of Wisconsin spoke loud and clear on the union issue Tuesday. There are changes happening fast on our horizon; economies, budgets, hard realities to face. Unions definitely had their time, like the cassette tape, telephone booth, and VCR. It can all make one dizzy. There is a climate of unrest. Things that we held dear once like pensions, affordable health care, job security, manufacturing in the U. S.,  have gone poof!  All gone!  Some say never to return.  The question is how do we want America to look in the next couple decades? The two party system is soon to go the way of the dinosaur and phone booth unless politicians and corporate yahoos wake up to the fact that America is sick of the way they do business.

People are mad and aren’t going to take it anymore! Did you know that Montana has an old law on the books that limits spending on campaigning to a maximum of $17,000? There is a mysterious (not) super pack group that is challenging this law and it will be going before the Supreme Court. Can you imagine what’s at stake if the higher court votes to uphold the law?!! Twenty two other states support it. That means that the 30 million that was spent by Scott Walker on the recall would go “poof” too. Sign me up.

I saw a piece on  Republican Senator Dale Schulz  from Wisconsin who is showing us how it should be done. He is breaking down partisan barriers by actually talking (GASP) to the OTHER side. Actually asking what they think and having a dialogue about it. He is also doing “Common Ground Tours” where he travels with democrats (double GASP) to encourage communication and compromise. He actually went against his party’s line and voted on what was good for Wisconsin. We desperatly need more like him. Give this man a cigar…or 100. Gives one hope.

I’ve been feeling moody today. Finished “The Birth Order Book” by Kevin Leman and (don’t laugh) it’s stirred up old resentments about being a middle child. This book is a great resource for understanding yourself in relation to siblings, and husbands and wives better. Mr. Leman is a last born, or baby if you will, in his family of origin. He annoyingly stresses how lucky in some ways those of us are to be born a middle child because we tend to have less relationship problems and are less selfish than the other birth orders. While this may be true, I felt like he spent way too many pages on his birth order. He did say this would irk us middle of the roaders and he was right but not for the obvious reason.  His examples and profiles were too white-bread-normal and didn’t allow for dysfunctional family systems that are forged by addictions or mental illness so prevalent in our society. I felt like there was a huge section missing from this book. Maybe the “middle” section? HA. There is a lot to process here and I made some connections. This is a great group discussion book.


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