Laptop Lunacy


I had to make a tough decision this weekend. I’ve had to upgrade software on my laptop so I can take online classes. That is when all the nashing of teeth and ripping hair out started. It began two weeks ago when BC loaded a new program on my four year old hand-me-down laptop. It went haywire and I’ve had problems ever since. BC’s worst nightmare after a long day at the office. He tried everything and finally broke the news to me that my computer can’t keep up. It timed out constantly! Restarting it didn’t work for long. I couldn’t do any online applications, I barely got my blog done and hours later wanted to cry when I did. I couldn’t do the online course.

I had a little savings for a car but buying a computer wasn’t high on my list, so I ruled it out. Saturday night I tripped over my power cord on the laptop and bent it. BC’s diagnosis; it was now toast.  I MUST have a laptop to apply for jobs. Period. The reality is I don’t have enough $ to buy a reliable car, and I don’t have a job yet anyway, so the laptop won out. I have to say that I was more excited about buying myself a new laptop than I would have been about a car.  BC and TC walked me through Best Buy and I came home with a new HP lower end laptop. There was no way I could have done this all on my own and live to tell about it. BC owns  and is an amazingly talented technology consultant, he spent hours on this, when he could have been relaxing. How lucky am I? Just one more thing to be humbly grateful for. I detailed both their cars so I could sleep last night. It is incredibly hard to accept so much help, although TC says her hubby loves doing this stuff. He’d have to.

So now I am enjoying every second of this laptop, (we don’t know how important technology is until we don’t have it) and my kids are snickering right now. I KNOW it.  I used to make fun of how long they would hang out on theirs. I felt like a kid at Christmas and could hardly wait to use it. I started my online class today and felt giddy. Thank you, thank you, thank you BC!

















Now that I am done gushing I can talk about my books. “The Birth Order Book”  will shortly have BC plugging his ears as TC and I analyze him… and his family members… after he endures listening to us analyze ours… and, then each other. “Stones For Ibarra” by Harriet Doerr is a winner of The National Book Award from 1978 and is a WONDERFUL book so far. Richard and Sara are forty somethings that move to a small Mexican village to reopen a copper mine abandoned by Richard’s grandfather fifty years earlier. It is written in a very simple style but captures the cultural differences in a humorous yet touching way. All their friends tell them they are crazy when they mortgage everything they own to move but they decide to follow their hearts. Hmmmmmmm, sounds  familiar.


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