Have You Ever Gone Hungry?


What a pot boiling week! Politically, economically, emotionally. It is glorious outside right now, sunny with big puffy clouds, about 70 with a nice breeze. I did some weeding and vacuumed out TC’s car. She has been gone this week and I’ve been using her car. It was weird to go anywhere, anytime I wanted. I volunteered at the Aloha Public Library this morning and met some very nice people. You should have seen the excitement when a man came in with a free stainless steel book drop! I know I heard someone squeal. We sorted hundreds of books with thousands to go. They plan to open their doors in October to the public. It was heaven being around that good old musty book smell. A volunteer and I were joking about how we were tempted to start perusing books that we hadn’t read but we KNOW where that leads.

I went to Beaverton social services yesterday and spent the afternoon checking in to medical coverage and see what other services I would be eligible for if my unemployment continues much longer. It was a humbling experience and not a position I like being in. We are living in times where this is becoming more typical. It was crazy in this agency and I was SO impressed with the staff. They were unbelievably gracious and friendly despite the chaos. No judgment here! I saw lots of hungry families in despair due to unemployment. There are no health care services for adults. There were lots of the elderly represented yesterday who can’t afford food on whats left of their social security. People are starving. For food… in America!

In the meantime our two-party system in Washington is still slinging mud at each other and verbally sparring and trying to halt the advancement of any programs that could help put jobs on the table BECAUSE it’s an election year! Kind of makes me sick. Each and every one of them should have to spend the afternoon at one of these agencies deciding who gets to eat and have health coverage for a sick child, while parents go jobless. People who say it’s those who don’t want to work that take welfare should have to be there as well.

I am so much better off than most. I am grateful for everything I have. I’m especially grateful for public libraries who create such wonderful, supportive communities of resources. I’ve got a stack of books on my nightstand and haven’t had much time to read this week. Boo-hoo for me. I did start the second Tarzan book and have a serious mind crush on Edgar Rice Burroughs. Who would have ever thought he could create such a romantic mystique around a man raised among apes? That is the power of libraries and the written word my friends!


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  1. Marsella, This is a powerful blog! I live in Central Florida where there are a lot of elderly folks. When you see how the men and women, who defended America during World War II and in the Korean War, are being treated by our government; it really breaks one’s heart. I take an elderly chap to the veteran’s hospital on a regular basis. His mind is slipping. I do my best to make sure he has all the forms filled out correctly. The problem is that his four children live far away and are not here to be an advocate for him. Just one mistake on a form, sends a person to the “back of the line” sort of speaking. I’m not putting down the VA. But it is really heart breaking how our elderly people are treated by government agencies. Please, keep up the good work! Sincerely, Richard

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