Who Needs Lipstick?


Yesterday the train to downtown Portland was over flowing with a long-weekend-vibe. The weather was cool and overcast but didn’t stop anyone from having fun. It was very crowded at Saturday Market. I loved it and had fun from the time we left at 9am until we got back at dinner time. We laughed, we had some great conversations and of course good food. Thank goodness we walked all day long. The bottoms of my feet hurt when we got home. I don’t think my niece fully understood what she was in for when she agreed to go. Her tastes and needs are quite different but she was a great sport. It was fun seeing some of her favorite spots. She took us to 23rd Street and I loved the renovated, vintage houses turned into a retail mecca. We stopped to rest in front of this apartment building that literally had me gaping. I whined and got J to snap a picture. I am a tad envious of anyone who gets to live in this gem. I can just picture myself, watering can in hand, sprinkling the plants hanging off the balcony. Can’t you?

Stopping at make-up central, Sephora was an experience. I was waited on by a sweet, 20 something (maybe) sunbeam named Sunshine who painted on her own freckles. And yes, that is her real name. I wish I had a video of TC telling her how I needed more color in my liptstick, that I was a throw back to the sixties. They both proceeded to talk about my lips like I wasn’t there.  At one point I looked over at my niece (for morale support) and  she looked like she was searching for the nearest exit. I’m sure Sunshine will probably hide if she sees us come in together again. I might take  my niece (for morale support) back some time for a make-over. I’ve always wanted to do that but I’ll probably have to drug her first.

I am thinking that “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak will be a book that is required in high-school lit class for generations to come. This book was nothing like I expected. There have been a lot of fictional books based on the Holocaust in the last few years and I found myself avoiding it for that reason. I’m glad I plowed through the confusing (for me) beginning to the reward of the climax. This is one of the first books I’ve seen that tells about the Nazi takeover from a German point of view. A small village that isn’t all that supportive of Hitler and his plans. The relationships within relationships are done beautifully. Zusak is brilliant in this regard. Things are never as they appear. If I were Liesel I would be compelled to steal books too. They were her survival on so many levles. And saying goodbye… how many times can you say goodbye before you are changed irrevocably? I love the last line of the narrator. I am haunted by humans. This is not a book you can ever forget.


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  1. Marsella, What a lovely Memorial Day gift you have given to us. I love the old victorian homes. I was raised in the old farmhouse that my great grandfather built in 1880! I now live in a new home in Central Florida. I miss the sound of creaking boards. I enjoyed reading about the make-up encounter that you and your niece had with Sunshine. You have a wonderful blog! Happy Memorial Day! Sincerely, Richard

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