What A Difference A Day Makes


This did not start out to be the best day. I had major computer issues. I’ve been trying to send a job app and log on to a class for two days with no luck. It’s been raining for three days and I started to get a tiny bit cranky. Like REALLY, REALLY, cranky. The sun came out at four and I was out of here with the leash and Bianca. It was windy and I felt great, like it was blowing all the cob webs out of my head. I’ve been feeling panicked today about my future. Where am I headed? Is it the right direction? Will I find the job I want? Will I find ANY job in this economy? Faith has brought me this far and I have to ride it to the conclusion. I believe in me. Really.

While B. and I were circling the park I hear this cheesey music drifting on the air. I look around and see a mini van slowly moving through the parking lot with it’s side door open. It was packed with ice cream and a music box version of “Do Your Ears Hang Low” was eminating from the interior. I chuckled at the 21st century version of a classic childhood memory. My day didn’t seem so bad after that. Hey maybe I should do a doggy ice cream truck!! 

The highlight of my day was the American Idol finale. I felt like it was the last day of school. Remember that anticipation and energy? My favorite Phillip Phillips took the prize. I can hardly wait to hear his first album. There is something really different about him and he’s got a special gift. And I was there, well sort of. Music is a wonderful thing.

An angel fixed my computer problem and tomorrow is a new day…nice.


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