Book Binder Trouble


I am ready to start back on “The Book Thief” and I am determined to finish it this time.  No more distractions. I’ve been wanting to read this for at least four years, I think it’s time. I really liked  “I Am The Messenger” and am intrigued by what this author will turn out down the road.

Blah day. It put me in the mood for a murder mystery so I started “Murder Under Cover” by Kate Carlisle. So far so good. The star of this novel is a book binder named Brooklyn who gets into all sorts of trouble. Who knew book binding was so exciting? This is book number three so I’m diving in without reading the first two but it’s easy to find your way in serial mysteries. She has just fallen for a hunky Brit who is also an ex-spy who starts his own security firm. Why do all these guys make it big with security firms? I wish they’d come up with jobs more original, like a merman at Busch Gardens or a beach artist who makes balloon sculptures. Come on… use your imagination!


Anyhoo, the story is kind of exciting. It involves an ancient copy of an infamous text from India given to her by her best friend Robin, to restore for a client. Things get exciting when there is a grisly murder of a mysterious Russian man at Robin’s apartment. And they say bibliophiles are boring?!!


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