You Tarzan, Me Jane!


Wasn’t inspired to blog yesterday. As you can see that doesn’t happen very often, this being a life-line and all. I did the usual checking on my job sites and found a new posting for a library assistant at a private school k-12. It looks really interesting and this would be a position working with 9-12 grades. I love kids that age!

Ironically I got a facebook message yesterday from one of my favorite kids from Iowa. He would come into our library almost daily with his younger brother. They were a real contrast. The older was very serious and quiet, the younger was chatty and gregarious. I loved the relationship they had. On Saturday they had to babysit their two preschool siblings while their mom was working. One would come at 9:oo am when we opened, stay for two hours (the limit for computer/game time) and then switch. I asked them how they decided who came first and they said “we take turns”. I could have never been that reasonable with my siblings. My brother terrorized me and knew too many moves from old 3- Stooges reruns, I did what ever he said. Anyhow, these were great kids that I enjoyed getting to know. We built a relationship over time to the point they would share gum with me, things that happened at school and felt comfortable enough to tell me I looked sick one day when I didn’t have makeup on, or my face was real red when I did. I wasn’t sick and guess which one told me? I loved their spontaneity and humor. My life is better for having known them and I was touched to get a message.

I finished “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” and enjoyed most of it. She is an Emmy-nominated writer/actress on The Office and is soon to have her own show. I liked the parts in the book that described her experience with the show and the entertainment industry more than I did her editorials. It will be interesting to see if swearing loses it’s allure as thirty somethings start heading into the golden years. I got the distinct impression that it didn’t come comfortably to her culturally. She was raised in a professional, intellectual family and was a late bloomer by American standards. I was always ragging on this subject with my son who turned into a very colorful linguist in high school. I grew up with colorful linguists myself  and followed in their footsteps in my youth but have come to love the variety of the English vocabulary too much to cling to what was modeled for me. Besides, the older you get the more stupid it sounds don’t you think?

I wouldn’t have picked Mindy’s book to read myself but am glad I did. That’s what I love about a diverse reading group. It’s too easy to get in a rut. I am finishing up “Tarzan of the Apes” and I am simply head over heels for Edgar Rice Burroughs. Bet you expected me to say Tarzan didn’t you? When Tarzan meets Jane and they fall in love it’s genteel and savage at the same time! Mr. Burroughs captures the dare-I say-animal-passion of the jungle and Tarzan’s transformation. It reduces romance to that elemental, cellular level of “you are my woman and I am your man”. Neanderthal attitude comparisons aside, there is something to be said for someone willing to fight for you to the death, scooping you up in his arms and swinging away through the jungle. You couldn’t get more opposite than these two but look at what their love transcends! I have to say their passion had my heart pumping more than reading a typical steamy novel. The writing is superb and was better than Romeo and Juliet. Except for…”Parting is such sweet sorrow”.


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