Dorks and Bozos


I went on two walks yesterday. Count em…TWO!  I have been motivated by the inspiration I have found on this blog written by Mark called  A Fat Man’s Journey…  Check it out if you need inspiration for anything! Bianca and I went on an extra long one today and I’m feeling it. So is Bianca. Yesterday she was hyper even after we got back. Today, not so much. We are both kind of droopy. It was so beautiful today I didn’t want to be in doors.

I am eagerly waiting for American Idol to come on because I’ve become shamelessly hooked on this season. I frankly have never watched  but the talent is so amazing this year that it’s been hard to ignore. I think my roomies are secretly enjoying my dependence on our Wednesday and Thursday ritual. I’m sure I sound like one of those snobs that say “I don’t watch t.v ever”, but it’s not true. I’m too cheap to spend money on cable and it’s a waste for me because I’d rather read. No duh.

I am majorly taken with Phillip Phillips. His voice is unusual and unique and he refuses to bow to trendiness. He has dressed the same simple, mangy way since the season started but it only has made him more charming. He is so comfortable in his own skin and laid back (until he sings) that you can’t help but be taken with him. He has this goofy way of smiling while singing that is adorable!!  But, like I think my son is adorable, he is a little young. I’m pullin for you Phillip!

Mindy Kaling’s book is pretty funny and I’m SO enjoying it. She’s from a different generation than me but what she writes about I can relate to. Acting or looking like a dork, getting your feelings hurt by bozos in high school. She makes an interesting point about the popular ones in high school having peaked and there is no way to go but down. She is now out of college and hitting the entertainment circuit.  Self-deprecating and admires her parents, there’s a lot to like here. Gotta run, Idol is on. Ewwww I can’t believe I just said that.


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