Adventure Beckons


What would you do? It’s a loaded question to be sure. I am far past the point in my life where I need someone’s direction. What Telva and Bruce have provided is the time and space to make decisions. I have spent my life being there for others. That is what I chose and I did it gladly and learned a lot. Now my life is taking a huge detour and I am at the threshold. Here, they graciously have created a space in their home for me to regroup. I came here with the goal of getting a job and finding a place to live. In the weeks that I have been here my perceptions have changed. Getting a job might take a lot longer than I expected, what will I do in those interim weeks? I planned on staying with Telv a few months but don’t want to outstay that even though I’ve been welcomed. I’ve received calls from family out of state that would like me to visit, help out and look for jobs where they are. I am considering that. Why limit myself to job searching in one area when I now have the option of CA, CO and the PNW? Times have changed and you have to go where a job is, or an interview.

I used to be a nester. More like a barnacle. If I’m going to be unemployed I’m going to make the best of my time. That may end up looking different for me than for others. It’s MY time. I have decided that the only person who can design my life is me. I spent my life doing what was expected of me. I am questioning that now. I also know there are many avenues to the same destination, I’m done with feeling trapped. I am fortunate to have many loving friends and family to help me in my journey but I have no clue where I might end up, and that’s o.k.  I found this really cool site where I can take free computer classes. I’m setting it up and can take them anywhere or anytime. I LOVE the internet.

I also love “Tarzan of the Apes”, I haven’t read an adventure series in years so this is ironic since I am LIVING my own adventure series right now. It’s not just the story but Edgar Rice Burroughs’ writing style that captured me. The way he structures his words and sentences is riveting. I loved how he imparts Tarzan’s thoughts and piecing together his mysterious past. When Tarzan breaks into the little hut where his parents skeletal remains lie it’s eerie. He doesn’t know who they are but you do, one of the many elements of this story that makes it a page turner. The brutal imagery of the apes seems accurate even though there were no Jane Goodall studies around. For lighter fare there is our book club choice. It’s endearing and funny so far. I’m looking forward to it. Me and Bianca are off for our walk, enjoy your day.


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  1. Woo Hoo! Glad to hear you are going to take this time to discover YOU and design the rest of your life. Good for you – hugs.

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