Hanging By A Thread


Had fun pruning some Maple like shrubs today that are very delicate and Oriental looking. It was like giving them a haircut. Another hot and cloudless day. I had fun fussing over my new seedlings and transplants. Ok…I miss my kids. Fixing meatloaf for dinner and enjoying “Tarzan Of  The Apes” more than I thought. It is such a great adventure book. Timeless really.

The story begins with Tarzan’s parents surviving mutiny on a ship named the Fuwalda, their passage to Africa. They are put ashore on a deserted island with their belongings. This story has shades of Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling. The mother I’m sure is pregnant although it hasn’t been revealed yet. When they realize they will be on this island for a long time, maybe forever, father Clayton, bolsters them both with the reminder that their forefathers lived and survived the very same way;  if these ancient ancestors did, so could they. Spoken by a desperate man. Shades of Swiss Family Robinson, and no, I’ve never seen the Disney Tarzan. This story has me hanging by a thread…I might be up all night!

Tomorrow I’m going to check into volunteering at the small community library they are setting up here. They won’t have funding until 2015 so they need lots of volunteers. Perfect for me. Bianca is back to normal so I plan to take her on a nice walk to the park and back. I’m feeling very restless. The jungle is calling!


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  1. Marsella, You’ve inspired me to check out the Tarzan movies. They filmed them just a few miles from where I live, in Florida’s Silver Springs park. I took the “jungle ride” where they show you where they filmed the Tarzan movies. They have three trams that are all connected like a train and are pulled by a rugged jeep. It’s a pretty rough ride. Great blog! Sincerely, Richard

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