Look At These Wheels!












I’m not looking forward to car shopping…sadly  neither of these are options.  My incredibly small bank account will whittle the list down further but there are so many things t0 consider. I got some great advice concerning finding a car on Craig’s list. Apparently it’s not a safe way to go. I have now decided to look for one on a car lot with maybe a certified car? I may not be able to swing it right now OR I may end up buying another Ford Explorer for the short term. I loved my 97 and drove it forever. It had too many miles to bring it here. The beauty on the left was outside of a restaurant and we couldn’t help but oohh and ahhhh. This car was dazzling and in perfect condition, who could resist taking a snap shot?Telva and my niece are great at supplying me with pictures but what are the odds of seeing these both in one week? Do you think it’s a sign? Could I really find an old wiener mobile cheap? Scary.

It was ironic that I was feeling very blue today, it happens some times. I’ve never seen the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile but it is seems to be a nostalgic part of our past. I smiled when I saw this and felt my blues float away. I felt like the paparazzi jockeying for a place, Telva shot the photo as the woman in the foreground took hers, then I treated us to hot dogs. I wish finding a car were that easy. I don’t like how vulnerable I feel, it feels silly really. If I can birth two babies I should be able to buy a car. I guess one more thing to be added to life’s resume?

I picked up the book “Tarzan of the Apes”  tonight and ordered some Vietnamese take out. I am enjoying the solitude, as I’m sure T. B. and B. will enjoy theirs. Tomorrow I am eager to spend the day gardening and being out in the sunshine and plan to watch an old movie from my collection. Will it be Pat and Mike, The Egg and I, or The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? Stay tuned…


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  1. My sister totally had that wiener mobile as a remote control car (I bought it for her…) Haha – that’s so awesome! 🙂

  2. Marsella, Great blog! Those moments are so great, but rare, when you step outside of a store or restaurant and there is a very unique vehicle in the parking lot! But to see the Oscars Meyer mobile and a super cool two-tone old car is a gift! Good luck on your car search. “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” is a great film. You have great taste in movies! Sincerely, Richard

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